you are here.

I think our single greatest ability as entrepreneurs is our agility to pivot on a dime. I have done a lot of analysis for various businesses in the last year, and the most prominent theme I see is brands not knowing 1-who they are and 2-who their client is.

Branding is the foundation of everything – and if you don’t know who you are or who you serve, you are lost. So lost that you should probably start from the beginning and rebuild your whole engine.

I’ve seen these problems with hundred thousand and million-dollar companies alike. So yeh, they are chugging along, but for how long?

That’s why for any business or brand to succeed, you have to constantly be paying attention to not only your marketplace and competition but politics and society. And honestly, if you want to stay relatable, watch some trash TV now and then. Because I pivoted so much during the pandemic, my head is still spinning, but I’m also still here. And so are you. So let’s make sure we keep succeeding because this entrepreneur shit is hard. And it’s sometimes lonely, so let’s do it together, okay? Right? That sounds more fun. Let’s get started!